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How We Do It

The right tool for the job

Every project is different. We select the most appropriate methods to achieve your goals.


We have a toolbox full of methodologies to choose from. Our clients often have a broad range of research questions to be answered, so we aim to combine methods to reach the kind of comprehensive, project-specific data they are looking for.

Stakeholder Centered

Our approach to evaluation is informed by all the people with a stake in the work being undertaken—especially those who stand to benefit or lose from resulting decisions.


When choosing tools, we take into account the constraints of time, money, and capacity often felt by organizations in order to optimize the reach and impact of research

Culturally Responsive

Culturally responsive practice is the lens with which we approach our evaluation, facilitation, and strategic planning work. From the beginning of the evaluation process, we strive to embed the voices of those who have been historically marginalized.

Explore our toolbox of methodologies here.

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