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Our Methodologies



At Smith & Lehmann Consulting, we assess your needs to create a custom plan that fits your context. We use proven strategies that work to focus on getting the right information and data to achieve actionable results.


Services We Provide:

Program | Formative | Summative | Developmental | Principles-based | Outcome | Outcomes harvesting | Impact | Implementation | Logic Modeling | Theory of Change | Theory of Action | Process | Participatory Action Research | Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation



We coordinate with stakeholders and collaborators at all phases of a project to ensure the process runs smoothly and results are meaningful and useful.

Services We Provide:

Stakeholder Engagement | Learning Collaboratives | Community of Practice models | Adaptive Action | Rapid cycle reporting | Project Management | Theory of change development

Strategic Planning

We are experts at taking data to turn into an executable plan for change. We collaboratively build plans with a focus on the long-term impact to set our clients up for success.

Services We Provide:

Ecosystem Assessment | Evaluation Planning | Situation Analysis | Needs Assessment | Literature review | Visioning | Capacity Building | Equity Planning | Leadership retreats

Data Collection & Analysis

At Smith & Lehmann, we have a variety of tools at our disposal to use to customize every evaluation.

Services We Provide:

Qualitative: Unstructured, semi-structured, and structured interviews, focus groups, participant observation, rapid feedback, inductive and deductive analysis, qualitative coding, content and theme analysis, asset mapping, Multilingual data collection (English, Spanish)

Quantitative: Chi-square analysis, survival analysis, basic and advanced survey analysis, social network analysis, logistic regression analysis, cost-benefit analysis, GIS mapping, instrument development, data dashboard development, secondary data analysis

Collaborative measurement tools, social network analysis