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Who We Are

Wherever you are, we will meet you there.

Smith & Lehmann Consulting is a group of evaluation professionals dedicated to their craft. Our approach to work is strengthened by the unique perspectives, experience, and training of our staff. Read about our team, our partners, and YPAR.


Our Values 


We believe that being inclusive of different voices and perspectives creates space where great things can happen.

We believe that conventional thinking can sometimes fall short of desired outcomes, and that critical, innovative approaches to social problems are needed to move forward.

We believe that every person deserves to live with dignity, all ideas are worth being heard, and differing perspectives are an asset.

We believe in listening deeply, engaging meaningfully, approaching our work with sensitivity, and constantly striving to make ourselves aware of the social, cultural, and historical circumstances in which people live their lives.

We believe that the evaluation process creates learning for our clients, and that being responsive to shifts in direction is the best way to be truly impactful.

We believe that social change takes place at the community level and acknowledge both the difficulty of engaging in this work and the need to do so authentically, with communities.

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