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What We Do

Smith & Lehmann Consulting helps organizations learn. We use data to provide our clients with meaningful information for making decisions. Whether it is solidifying your purpose, understanding the effectiveness of your work, or exploring new possibilities, we create solutions to the questions that matter to you.


What information would most help your organization? We design evaluation plans that maximize learning so you can make informed decisions and deliver on your mission.


Solving the most intractable issues requires participation from many stakeholders but working across organizational (and sometimes personal) boundaries can be quite challenging. We facilitate collaboration through developing trust and awareness, and by seeking clarity throughout the process.


Complex questions require creative approaches. We blend the most appropriate methods to suit your project and stay up to date on current evaluative thinking.


A challenge of doing work in any sector is communicating effectively with others. We create and use realistic communication plans with our clients to ensure that they feel comfortable throughout the process of completing the work, and that the process aligns with their desired outcomes.


Plans change, players change, projects change. We evolve along with the project to suit our clients’ needs.


Many organizations are busy helping others, and thus have little time to spend on developing strategic plans for the future or collecting and analyzing data. We help organize what you have, collect what is missing, and report it back to you with a focus on usability.


How will the decisions you make affect others, and how can you best help the people you serve? We engage stakeholders at every level to ensure that decisions are as informed as possible, and made responsibly.

Our Work

Smith & Lehmann Consulting supports the development of efficient and equitable services and structures that promote well-being. Our work has helped strengthen communities, families, and individuals.

We offer a multitude of services and approaches. Learn about them here.

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